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Resources for Learning & Using GraphQL

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Henry Boisdequin

GraphQL is a revolutionary technology which more and more developers are starting to use. I've curated a list of resources for learning and using GraphQL efficiently. Let's dive right into it!


  1. This is a paid course which teaches you everything you need to learn about using GraphQL with Node.js: Prisma, authentication, Apollo Client, and more!

  2. The official documentation is a great way to start. Since this is from Facebook (the creators of GraphQL), this interactive tutorial is guaranteed to be up to date with the latest GraphQL standards.

  3. This YouTube Video by Web Dev Simplified is a great tutorial for getting started with GraphQL. In this video, you build a basic project with GraphQL, learning the basics.

  4. This YouTube playlist by Traversy Media is also an awesome way to learn the basics of GraphQL. In this playlist, you learn how to use Node.js with GraphQL and the GraphQL basics.

  5. How To GraphQL is an awesome way to learn GraphQL. They have interactive tutorials where you learn the basics and advanced features of GraphQL. They even have tutorials for several different languages and frameworks!
  6. GraphQL from Ground Up is a free Udemy course which covers many beginner to advanced GraphQL features such as scaler types, schemas, pagination, Dataloader, and much more.
  7. This web-based tutorial covers everything you will need to know about GraphQL. From building a GraphQL server to building a fronted with Apollo/Relay, this is a great course for anyone looking to be a full-stack GraphQL developer.
  8. This YouTube playlist by Ben Awad is a fast way to get started with GraphQL. In around 40 minutes, you cover GraphQL datatypes, resolvers, and subscriptions.
  9. This YouTube video by FreeCodeCamp and Net Ninja takes you from a GraphQL novice to expert in four hours. This tutorial covers everything you need to know about full-stack GraphQL development.
  10. This Udemy Course by Zero to Mastery is a great course for anyone looking to become a front-end web developer with GraphQL. If you are more interested in interacting with GraphQL APIs, this course is for you.


  1. The GraphQL Guide is an amazing book which covers the basics/advanced topics of GraphQL, GraphQL in the frontend/backend, and how to use GraphQL with React, Vue, iOS, and Android. This is a must-read for anyone looking to master GraphQL fast.
  2. Learning GraphQL: Declarative Data Fetching for Modern Web Apps is a great book for frontend developers looking to learn and understand GraphQL. This is also a must-have book for any developer looking to work with Apollo Client.
  3. The Road to GraphQL is also a great book for fullstack developers looking to learn GraphQL. This book teaches you how to implement powerful GraphQL servers with Node.js and how to use Apollo Client with React.
  4. Practical GraphQL is an awesome book for anyone looking to create a practical GraphQL project (as the name suggests).
  5. Hands-On Full-Stack Web Development with GraphQL and React is a great book for anyone looking to become a full-stack GraphQL and React developer. This book covers concepts such as GraphQL basics, Apollo, subscriptions, and more.
  6. Full Stack Serverless is a nice choice for an aspiring full-stack serverless developer. This book goes into GraphQL, AWS, DynamoDB, and more.
  7. Fullstack GraphQL Applications with GRANDstack is a book where you build a real-world application with the GRAND stack (**G**raphQL, **R**eact, **A**pollo, **N**eo4j **D**atabase).
  8. GraphQL API Design is a good book for someone who is looking to become a backend GraphQL developer. This book goes into detail on GraphQL APIs, their design, and GraphQL best practices.
  9. Craft GraphQL APIs in Elixir with Absinthe is a perfect book for an Elixir developer looking to learn GraphQL or an aspiring GraphQL devloper.
  10. GraphQL in Action is a great book to learn about creating and using GraphQL APIs.


  1. Firecamp is an awesome API campsite.
  2. GraphQL Docs is a great way to generate documentation for your GraphQL schemas in a matter of seconds.
  3. GraphQL Voyager is a great tool for visualizing your schema.
  4. GraphQL CMS is a great CMS for GraphQL.
  5. GraphQL Faker is the best tool for generating random GraphQL data.
  6. Vim GraphQL is a great tool for Vim users as it provides GraphQL syntax highlighting, indentation, and more.
  7. GraphQL Network provides a network like tab but for GraphQL in chrome.
  8. GraphQL Designer allows you to rapidly prototype full-stack GraphQL applications.
  9. Apollo Client Dev Tools is a must-have for anyone working with Apollo client as it provides extensive data on your GraphQL/Apollo application.
  10. JSON GraphQL server is a no-code tool which allows you to get a fake GraphQL API in less than 30 seconds with JSON.


  1.'s GraphQL community has an extensive amount of GraphQL content which I would highly recommend looking at.
  2. The GraphQL slack community is a great place for developers to share and help each other when facing problems with GraphQL.

  3. The GraphQL tag in the Reactiflux Discord community is also a great place for developers to share and help each other when facing problems with GraphQL.

  4. The GraphQL Reddit community is also a great place for GraphQL developers to ask questions, give their experience, and have a little bit of fun.

  5. FIRECAMP BLOG // todo add deployed link

  6. provides you with the latest GraphQL bookmarks (remember to use the GraphQL tag).
  7. #GraphQL on Twitter is a great place for you to post GraphQL content, see GraphQL content, and ask questions if you get stuck.
  8. StackOverFlow is the best place for you to ask developer questions. To ask GraphQL questions, make sure to add the GraphQL tag.
  9. The GraphQL Facebook community is a great way to make connections with fellow GraphQL developers on Facebook.
  10. Freenode is a great tool for you to chat with other GraphQL developers. Make sure to use the #graphql channel.

To conclude, GraphQL is a must-learn technology which revolutionized the API industry. Hopefully, these resources made learning and using GraphQL easier. Thanks for reading!




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